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Becoming Wild: Essays on Self and Society

Alayna Cole (2024)

Alayna Cole’s unconventional memoir weaves research and stories about witchcraft, marginalisation, diet culture, hysteria, phytochemistry, home appliances, tarot cards, herbal medicine, neurodivergence, chronic illness, and the Moon to give insight into how we can each find our unique way of becoming wild.

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Queerly Ever After

Alayna Cole (2021)

Queerly Ever After is a bold reimagining of classic fairy tales. Based on tales from the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, Queerly Ever After takes us on a journey that explores plurisexuality, the fluidity of gender and identity, as well as the multiplicity of queerness. Join your favourite characters and experience their worlds, and lives, with a queer twist.

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Games as Texts: A Practical Application of Textual Analysis to Games

Alayna Cole and Dakoda Barker (2020)

Games as Texts provides an overview and practical steps for analysing games in terms of their representations of social structures, class, power, race, sexuality, gender, animals, nature, and ability. Each chapter applies a traditional literary theory to the narrative and mechanics of games and explores the social commentary the games encourage. This approach demonstrates to players, researchers, games media, and non-gamers how they can engage with these cultural artefacts through both critical reading and theoretical interpretations.

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Cooperative Gaming: Diversity in the Games Industry and How to Cultivate Inclusion

Alayna Cole and Jessica Zammit (2020)

Cooperative Gaming provides context and practical advice regarding diversity in the games industry. The book begins with a deep dive into research literature and the history of diversity in the games industry to provide context around what diversity is and why it is a topic worth considering. The book looks at the different facets of diversity and games, exploring the issues and solutions within game development, studio management, event planning, and more. It provides people with practical advice about being a marginalized person in the games industry and how to be heard, how studios can support inclusive practices, and events can actively become more accessible to a diverse audience.

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