Call of Duty series
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager
Sledgehammer Games

  • 2023 - Modern Warfare III (Sledgehammer Games)
  • 2021 - Vanguard (Sledgehammer Games)
Sledgehammer Games
  • 2021 - Vanguard (Sledgehammer Games)
  • 2020 - Black Ops Cold War (Treyarch)
  • 2020 - Warzone (Infinity Ward, Raven)
  • 2019 - Modern Warfare (Infinity Ward)
Sledgehammer Games
  • 2022 - Modern Warfare II (Infinity Ward)

Unreleased title
Associate producer
Defiant Development

Experimental projects

Narrative designer
Horned Llama

Jury Award (Winner)
Audience Award (Honourable Mention)
Serenity Forge Game Jam
Exhibited at Contours
Exhibited at Queerness and Games

More experimental games available here.

Games criticism

'Pride Week: Seven important lessons toward greater LGBT+ inclusivity'
27 June 2020

I have previously written for Hyper Online, PC PowerPlay, Impulse Gamer, FemHype, Remeshed, PlayWrite, Clever Game Pun, and more. My first published games article was in August, 2014.

Unfortunately, as is the nature of games journalism, many of these websites have since dissolved. If you are interested in reading my work, please get in touch.

Books and book chapters

Queerly Ever After
Revolutionaries | 2021

Games as Texts: A Practical Application of Textual Analysis to Games
with Dakoda Barker
CRC Press | 2020

Cooperative Gaming: Diversity in the Games Industry and How to Cultivate Inclusion
with Jessica Zammit
CRC Press | 2020

'Diversity in Games: How and Why?'
Chapter in The Digital Gaming Handbook
Edited by Roberto Dillon
CRC Press | 2020

Papers and proceedings

'Feminist and Furious: Diversity Work(ers) Against Game Studies of Empire!'
with Cody Mejeur and Mahli-Ann Butt
Games and Culture

'Categories of representation: Improving the discussion and depiction of diversity'
Special Issue: Identity, politics, and writing
TEXT Journal

'Smashing the heteropatriarchy: Representations of queerness in reimagined fairy tales'
Vol 22 No 2
TEXT Journal

'Connecting player and character agency in videogames'
Special Issue: Writing and Gaming
TEXT Journal

'Impossible Identities: The Limitations of Character Creation Systems'
with Dakoda Barker and Jessica Zammit
Digital Games Research Association conference 2017

'Representations of Queer Identity in Games from 2013–2015'
with Adrienne Shaw and Jessica Zammit
Digital Games Research Association conference 2017

'Moving beyond the self: How blog posts can inspire narratives of representation'
Authorised Theft: Refereed conference papers of the 21st Annual AAWP Conference

More of my academic work is available via Google Scholar and Academia.edu.

Presentations and lectures

Approaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Holistically: Why game content, employee support, and hiring can't be separated
with Amber Sullivan
Games Connect Asia Pacific
Melbourne, Australia | October 2023

Striving for Something Different (Opening Keynote)
Games Connect Asia Pacific
Melbourne, Australia | October 2022

Maintaining Sledgehammer Games' Studio Culture During Rapid Team Growth
Game Developers Conference
Virtual | March 2021

Studio Support: How Do They Do It?
Games Connect Asia Pacific
Virtual | October 2020

Tarot (as part of Lectio Divina with Vanessa)
Summer with Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Virtual | July 2020

Why Every Game is Political or How Diversity Can Help You Make Better Games
Ludicious - Zurich Game Festival
Virtual | July 2020

Harry Potter and the Lessons in Production and Leadership
New Zealand Game Developers Conference
Wellington, New Zealand | September 2019

What we think of diversity
with Jess Zammit
Freeplay Independent Games Festival
Melbourne, Australia | May 2018

Playersexuality and plurisexuality in videogames
AlterConf (speaker page)
Melbourne, Australia | September 2017

Making the LGBTQ Game Archive and Queerly Represent Me Database
with Adrienne Shaw, Evan Lauteria, and Christopher Persaud
Queerness and Games Conference
Los Angeles (via distance) | April 2017

I Exist: Improving the Representation of Queer Perspectives in Videogames
Digital Games Research Association of Australia Conference (Program)
Melbourne, Australia | November 2016
Also featured on PlayNicePlayNow (PN2)

Panels and chats

Combatting Gender-Based Violence in Online Gaming
United Nations and the Embassies of Iceland, Latvia, Canada and Estonia
Virtual | December 2021

LGBTQ+ and Broader Queer Community Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)
Game Developers Conference
San Francisco, USA | March 2019

Diversity Lunch
CHIPlay 2018

Representation in Games: What kind of year has it been?
with Jess Zammit and Alice Clarke
PAX Aus 2018

2017 State of Queer in Games
with Ashton McAllan, Saf Davidson, Charlie Francis Cassidy, Jess Zammit, and David Hollingworth
PAX Aus 2017

Are We Having Fun? Playing Games Critically
with Rami Ismail, Dakoda Barker, David Hollingworth, and Jess Zammit
PAX Aus 2017

Queerly Represent Me and the Underrepresented
with Jess Zammit, Charlie Francis Cassidy, Saf Wander, and David Hollingworth
GX Australia 2017
Summary available here
Video available here

Building Better Gamers
with Ashton McAllan, Adam Koebel, Tanya DePass, Dr Jennifer Hazel, and Mavis Chan
GX Australia 2017
Video available here

Nanojam 2.0: Live Game Design
with Jason Imms, Maize Wallin, Leonie Yue, Rami Ismail, and Kris Straub
PAX Aus 2016
Twitch stream (2:46:20)

Heroes Like Us: Representation of Queer Identity in Games
with Wren Brier, David Hollingworth, Ashton McAllan, and Jess Zammit
PAX Aus 2016

Redefining Games: Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences
with Steven O'Donnell (Bajo), Dakoda Barker, and Mic Black
Epic Diem 2015

Sick Heroes: Exploring Representations of Illness in Games
with Jennifer Hazel, Jane Cocks, Katryna Starks, and Dakoda Barker
PAX Aus 2015
Summary on PlayWrite


Featured on GameIndustry.biz Game Changers list in 2020.

Winner of the University of the Sunshine Coast's Inclusion Award in 2020.

Finalist (top 4) for the Queensland Young Achiever awards in the online category in 2019 and 2020.

Featured on the 2019 InGames Gender Equality list.

Nominated for the University of the Sunshine Coast's Outstanding Alumni of the Year Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Finalist for the Hero Award in the Australia LGBTI Awards 2019. Nominated for Hero Award, the Journalism Award, and the Student / LGBTI Rising Star Award in the Australian LGBTI Awards 2018. Nominated for Journalist of the Year in the Australian LGBTI Awards 2017.

Featured on the MCV Pacific 30 under 30 list in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Finalist for the 'Campaigner' and 'Trail Blazer' awards in the 2017 Women in Games awards, presented by Xbox.

Featured on the 2017 MCV Women in Games list, 'The Gamechangers'.

Awarded #25 on the LOTL Powerlist 2016.

Awarded a Faculty Commendation for Academic Excellence upon graduating from undergraduate study in 2015.


Assessor for ESA Foundation scholarships in 2020.

External assessor for Screen Queensland and Film Victoria on games funding, and Arts Queensland on arts funding. Game industry advisor for Jobs Queensland in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Judge for the Freeplay Awards 2020.

Judge for the Australian Game Developer Awards 2017.

Mentor and judge for various game jams and student showcases / courses globally.