Diversity, equity, and inclusion

I have a decade of experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion across a range of fields including creative content, corporate structures, events, and academic research. I specialise in LGBTQ+ representation and inclusion, but I have also researched many other DE&I topics, consulted on a variety of products, and aided in creating more accessible environments. I believe that a holistic approach to DE&I can add value to every facet of a company's culture and output.

Project management

I have experience managing timelines, schedules, strategy, and teams. I managed a small not-for-profit for several years, I have produced games at both independent and AAA studios, and I now manage a department that supports a global team of 500+ employees. I know how to work with agile / scrum, kanban, and waterfall methods, and combine these in bespoke ways to create frameworks that resonate with a particular team's expectations and work style.

Teaching and mentoring

I started my career as as a teacher. I originally trained in secondary education and I worked as a university lecturer and course designer in game development for four years. I love figuring out the best way to engage individuals and groups on topics they want (or need) to learn about, creating relationships with students based on joy and mutual respect, inspiring people to do their best work. Although I no longer work in the classroom, I use my teaching experience every day while mentoring others, managing my direct reports, and leading my team.

Writing and research

I hold a Doctorate of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) and have written several books, both fiction and non-fiction. I also have experience writing book chapters, scholarly papers, and articles for print magazines and online publications. I've been writing stories since I was a kid and my passion for diving into a rabbit hole of research and words persists decades later.


I have a certificate in Chaplaincy, Pastoral and Spiritual Care, which allows me to provide services as a secular chaplain. Chaplaincy is a form of counselling that acknowledges the importance of a person's spiritual health as well as their physical and mental health when finding holistic ways to guide them towards solutions in their own lives.



I believe in being true to myself and reflecting that truth back into the world. I take the time to self-reflect and better understand who I am so I can be honest with others about my needs, values, beliefs, opinions, decisions, and faults. I believe that vulnerability is strength.


I consider learning to be an integral part of my purpose, and I am happiest when I am gaining new knowledge and skills. I want to continue improving myself, finding out more about the mysteries of this world, and helping others grow into the best versions of themselves.


I do not feel fulfilled unless I am contributing to my community. I prioritise advocating for others, sharing knowledge, and being generous with my resources and time. If we are all helping each other, we all thrive together.


I believe everybody has the right to freedom. I value my autonomy both personally and professionally, and I dedicate myself to ensuring marginalised and disempowered people have the agency to make meaningful decisions in their lives.