Hi! I'm Alayna. I'm a busy human who is absolutely thriving. I love hot chips, my four pet rats, and a little bit of witchcraft. If you're interested in working together, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Alayna Cole is a producer at Sledgehammer Games and the managing director of Queerly Represent Me. She champions diversity and inclusion in the games industry, with a particular research focus on LGBTQ+ representation. Alayna co-wrote 'Cooperative Gaming: Diversity in the Games Industry and How to Cultivate Inclusion' for CRC Press, is a co-chair of the IGDA LGBTQ+ special interest group, and holds a doctorate of creative arts. She speaks at too many events, mentors too many students, and wears too many hats.

- Rami Ismail

Key facts

Name: Alayna Cole
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Primary job titles: Producer (Sledgehammer Games) and Managing director (Queerly Represent Me)
Education: Doctorate of Creative Arts (Creative Writing), Bachelor of Arts (English / SoSE), Bachelor of Education (Secondary)