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Games Played in 2017

At the end of 2016, I decided I didn't keep a very good log of the games I played throughout the year. I wrote a retrospective summary on Twitter—which I think contains most titles—but I'd like to keep a better log for 2017 (and the last week of 2016 because I was so excited to start this idea that I started early, shhh). So, here it is!

This game log will be updated throughout the year and include some basic information about the games I spend time with. I hope keeping this record encourages me to play more games, as it seems to be incredibly common for people in the games industry to spend all their time teaching, developing, and reviewing games, and rarely playing them for fun. I want to engage with games more, reflect on my experiences, and feel less guilty about the time I spend relaxing instead of working.

As such, I should point out that because this game log isn't 'work', it is therefore probably riddled with typos! If you'd like a better indication of my professional games writing, check it out here.

The Beauty of Videogames

I'm the type of person who takes photos of anything beautiful. I have a particular love of sunsets, but anything that inspires me—including forests, architecture, beaches, graffiti, the view from planes, galleries, aesthetically-pleasing roads, and people I love—will generally end up living in still images on my phone.

I'm not much different when I'm playing videogames. I'm currently watching my partner, Dakoda, play Final Fantasy XV and keep asking, 'Did you take a screenshot of that!' because I find videogame worlds so strikingly beautiful. This morning, I woke to David Rayfield's article about videogame aesthetics on my Twitter feed, and it made me realise that I had some simply beautiful experiences with videogames this year. Let me tell you about them.

Firewatch: The (re)view from my lookout

This weekend, everybody seems to be playing Firewatch (myself included) and the experience is a divisive one. Firewatch is an experiential game that involves a lot of walking and interacting with the world—but not much else—and this has sparked the debate we have all heard before: is this style of game truly a ‘game’?

Fallout 4: A Guided Tour of Warwick Homestead

Standing in front of Cait’s living quarters, I can see the sun setting over the settlement. It seems my settlers are having a gathering beneath the market on the right, celebrating how lucky they are to be living in the best location in the Commonwealth.

Welcome to Warwick Homestead, a settlement where I have spent an outrageous amount of my time and resources after first arriving here and noticing how interesting the space would be to work with. I have officially moved to Warwick Homestead from my (predictable) Sanctuary Hills base, and I have never looked back.

Let me show you around.

The Beginner's Guide and Walls

When somebody insists that I simply must play the next big thing, it’s not uncommon for me to respond with “I’m really busy at the moment, but I’ll get to it”. That’s why I was so late on the bandwagon for The Beginner’s Guide. Now that I’ve played this masterpiece, I’m infinitely ashamed of myself for not putting aside an hour and a half to experience it sooner.