Year in Review

2017 | Progress Report | February–May

We're nearly halfway through 2017. By now, most people's new year's resolutions have completely faded from their lives, or at least have been integrated in less enthusiastic ways. I'm not completely different. This is a progress report reflecting on how my new year's resolutions are going, and what I'm going to do to try and increase my dedication to them in the months to come.

2017 | Progress Report | January

We're one month into 2017, which is a year where I've set myself a lot of new year's resolutions. This progress report will look at what those resolutions are, and how well I am keeping them.

2016 Year in Review

We're not quite at the end of the year yet, but December is a month of reflection, and I think I'm ready to put some of those reflections in writing.

At the end of 2015, as I wrote a similar year in review, I distinctly remember being concerned that 2015 was so exciting and so full of achievements that I wouldn't possibly be able to eclipse it in 2016. Well, here we are folks, and eclipse it we have.

2015 Year in Review

With two days remaining of 2015, I’m looking back on the crazy year that was. I’ve said many times that experiences are precious to creators and that it is important that we reflect on and remember them. For me, the experiences of 2015 have been substantial and significant.