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Representations of Queer Identity in Games from 2013–2015

Presented at the 2017 Digital Games Research Association conference in Melbourne, Australia.

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Horizon Zero Dawn
was made for me

There's something beautiful that happens when you and a game just *click*.

The first time I watched Wicked (the musical), it was a treat from my mum: I was a musical theatre kid and I’d listened to that soundtrack obsessively for months, so she flew us down to Melbourne and I finally learned the narrative that stitched those incredible songs together. From the opening notes of the second last number, tears began to stream down my face, not because the content was particularly emotional, but because I knew the experience was nearly over.

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There's nothing like studying English literature at university to make it impossible to mindlessly enjoy a book, movie, television show, videogame, or just everyday life ever again. After spending years analysing texts, I can't resist analysing everything that I consume. In addition to academic papers and conferences, my non-fiction work is a collection of my observations about media and the world, as well as articles about the writing craft.

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My academic work, games criticism, reviews, writing craft articles, and miscellaneous non-fiction writing can be found all over the internet and in print.

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