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Familial loaf

The once-lined page was now a near-uniform pale blue, threads blurring so that they no longer guided the generations-old script that danced across its coffee-stained surface. Ink had spread in patches, dispersed by droplets of a liquid long-since dried, disfiguring letters and disguising words.

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Current projects:

Research project

I’m a Doctor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) candidate, currently working on a thesis in two parts: a creative artefact and an exegesis.

Creative Artefact (40-50,000 words)
Exegesis (30-40,000 words)
My creative artefact and exegesis will explore the hetereonormative and male-dominated landscape of the classic fairytale, subverting these expectations with the presence of fully-realised, diverse, female characters who identify as plurisexual and, in doing so, these pieces will challenge traditional understandings of the ‘coming out’ genre.

Other projects

Most of my fictional writing is currently being poured into various game development projects. You can read more about them here.


I have been passionate about telling stories for as long as I can remember. Being surrounded by books as a child, it's not surprising that I became interested in creative writing as an outlet for the stories that live inside me. I am currently studying postgraduate creative writing to further hone my skills.

Awards and Publications

My short stories have been featured in several collections and have won, or been short-listed for, many awards. My short story 'Hope' was long-listed for the SLQ Young Writers Award 2014.

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