Thank you for your interest in my consultation services.

I have experience working in a variety of speaking roles including as a presenter, mentor, and teacher. I am happy to work with groups and individuals to advise in a number of areas:

  • Representation of queer perspectives and/or women
  • Diversity and the implementation of diversity
  • Writing and narrative design
  • Game design

I have taught at primary school, high school, and university level, both in one-on-one and whole class settings. Find out more about my tutoring and teaching experience here.

I have extensive presentation experience in a variety of settings. Find out more about conference presentations and panels.

I have mentored at several game jams, including TasJam 4 (January 2017) and ResistJam (March 2017). I also facilitated an online workshop as part of ResistJam, located here.

Fees for my consultation skills vary. Please contact me via email for more information.