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Being a Professional Freelance Writer (Part Five)

Once you’ve established yourself as a business, found a job, and decided on your rates, you will need to either draw up or sign a contract. Depending on circumstances, you might be given a contract by whomever you are working for or you might be expected to initiate that process. Either way, you should always have a contract when you are doing freelance work and you need to understand what to include and what to look out for.

Being a Professional Freelance Writer (Part Four)

Have you ever had to think about what you’re worth? If you were offered a job tomorrow, would you know your rates? When I was first asked what I charge, I honestly had no idea. I recommend being more prepared than I was.

Being a Professional Freelance Writer (Part Three)

Ask any freelancer and they’ll tell you that finding work is hard. There are many options available to you, but there are also many writers out there competing with you. It’s a difficult business, and it’s even harder if freelancing is your sole form of income.

Being a Professional Freelance Writer (Part Two)

When you start to find work, you’ll notice that unless you are immediately submitting a finished piece, most people or businesses will want to see a sample of your writing. This sample might take several forms: an example of the particular type of writing they will require you to write, your best writing of any form, or a selection of different works. The common thread, however, is that you’re going to need to be prepared with some sort of portfolio.

Being a Professional Freelance Writer (Part One)

During recent escapades in the fields of professional freelance writing and editing, I compiled a list of topics I wished somebody had taught me before I had opportunities in front of me and was exchanging emails with potential clients or employers. From that list, I wrote this article series, filled with lessons I learnt through experience.

Though I am by no means an expert, I hope these articles will prompt you to contemplate something you had not previously considered and will encourage you to become the professional you want to be (you know, if you want to be one).