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Lessons from Japan

It’s important for a writer to know when it’s time to put down the pen and paper (or keyboard) and go outside; after all, what’s a writer to write about if they don’t go out in search of inspiration? I have recently returned from my first overseas adventure—in fact, I am writing this on a domestic flight back to my local airport—and learnt a lot of important lessons about writing and about myself while I was away.

Presenting on a Panel: Tips and tricks

This year marked not only my first PAX Aus experience, but also my first time both presenting on and moderating a panel. In fact, I moderated two panels last Friday. I had no idea what to expect, but somehow I managed to come out the other side still in one piece (and a better piece than I was going in). This is a collation of tips and tricks that I’ve learnt from my own experiences, as well as the advice that I received from other seasoned panellists during this nerve-wracking experience.

Gratitude Makes You a Better Person (and Writer)

I recently completed a Twitter challenge called #100happydays (thanks to some prompting from @PlastiCastle). Using the hashtag, you are encouraged to find something to be grateful every day for 100 days. Even though not all of my days during this period were entirely happy, being actively grateful for the little things has helped make me a better person and writer over the last three and a bit months.

Dabbling in Developing Videogames

Full and transparent disclosure: This piece is about my game(s).

I recently developed and released two videogames:
Fairy Tale is an incremental (clicker) game that includes a simple journey through a forest and a little resource management.
The Icecream Parlour uses icecream as a means to explore issues of sexuality, and was released early in celebration of The Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling in favour of marriage equality.

Being a Professional Freelance Writer (Part Six)

So, you’ve established yourself as a business, found a job, decided on your rates, signed a contract, and it’s time to send through your first invoice. Don’t panic! I can help you with designing one of those as well.