Fallout 4: A Guided Tour of Warwick Homestead

Standing in front of Cait’s living quarters, I can see the sun setting over the settlement. It seems my settlers are having a gathering beneath the market on the right, celebrating how lucky they are to be living in the best location in the Commonwealth.

Welcome to Warwick Homestead, a settlement where I have spent an outrageous amount of my time and resources after first arriving here and noticing how interesting the space would be to work with. I have officially moved to Warwick Homestead from my (predictable) Sanctuary Hills base, and I have never looked back.

Let me show you around.

Disclaimer: These ‘screenshots’ are incredibly poor quality, mostly because they are not screenshots at all. The images in this post are photos I took of my television screen using my phone because I am not an Xbox Live Gold member and I struggle to justify giving money to Xbox just for the basic functionality of sharing screenshots.

When you first arrive at the homestead, you are greeted by lion statues, some ominous heavy turrets, and a welcoming gate. Eight sets of power armour overlook the entrance, frightening anybody who may be a threat.

As you enter the settlement, you reach the town square, which consists of a fountain, lush plants, decorative floorboards, and an intricately-wired lighting system. The town square can be viewed from any of the several balconies that overlook the settlement, including the original metal structure that juts out from the main house, or the wooden balcony that has since been built above the house's entrance.

Beyond the town square, lies the settlement farm, which is tended to by a number of the homestead’s original settlers. Rows of mutfruit, tatos, and carrots are enclosed by a picket fence and decorative lighting.

Above the farm is the town market. This area is a meeting place for settlers, who sit at the bar and order drinks, chat with the shopkeepers, or peruse magazines that I have collected from across the Commonwealth. Curie and Codsworth often enjoy each other’s company in the market.

Climbing the stairs near the settlement’s entrance leads you to housing, recreational areas, and guard posts. On the landing at the top of the first set of stairs, Dogmeat lives comfortably with a lovely plant beside his doghouse. Settlers are travelling up and down this staircase frequently, so Dogmeat has plenty of company and enjoys people-watching.

Atop the next set of stairs, my workbenches are situated. Here I—or my companions—tinker with weapons, armour, and chems. Unseen in this picture, a Minuteman flag is hanging from the homestead wall, a reminder of who saved this place from the threat of nearby Super Mutants.

Ignoring the stairs on the right for the moment (which lead to the walkway adorned with power armour), if you continue along the platform with the workbenches, you find a comfortably furnished room with two beds, beside tables, and a radio. Another set of stairs leads you to a larger room, which holds these luxuries, as well as a dining table and some chairs. The latter room is the preferred living space of Deacon and MacCready.

Stairs lead from Deacon and MacCready’s room to the highest walkway in Warwick Homestead. This walkway connects the original roofs to one another, which have each been built upon.

If you turn left after reaching the top of the stairs, you can find a small recreational area with a wonderful view of the nearby shipwreck. This area includes an ice machine and vending machine, a picnic table, and a radio. I have often found settlers sitting here at dusk, discussing their day with one another. This roof doubles as an important point of defence for the homestead, with heavy duty turrets and spotlights around its perimeter.

Crossing the walkway, there are two guard posts and the quarters where these guards reside. My settlers diligently protect the homestead, knowing that I have spent hours ensuring that they live in the most carefully maintained settlement in the Commonwealth.

Moving on from the walkway and across the second roof, there is a small rest area on the way down the stairs. This area is rarely occupied, but sometimes settlers come here for a moment to themselves. Living at Warwick Homestead can be draining, with so many of my companions wanting to share their stories every time you walk near them, so time out areas are important.

In the rear corner of the settlement, the generator room has been redecorated and now serves as Piper’s quarters. She loves having space to herself to work on her stories, with a television, a terminal, and a bar all a moment away from her bed. Regardless of this convenience, she often wanders into the homestead to seek company and the next big scoop.

Returning to the stairs by the workbenches and crossing the power armour walkway, my living quarters can be seen overlooking the water. The space is small and cosy, but after the ostentatious and boxy home I lived in at Sanctuary Hills, it is a welcome change. Inside there are armchairs, a television, a kitchen space, a bed, and plenty of storage, as well as a case to display the bobbleheads I have collected during my travels.

Sometimes my companions come to join me in my house. Deacon likes to practise his sneaking skills by hiding behind my potted plant.

I have been having a great time since officially moving to Warwick Homestead—and moving almost all of my companions along with me. The place feels vibrant, with companions chatting with me as I pass them by, and settlers working or relaxing in so many different locations. Compared to Sanctuary Hills, this place feels more alive, somehow. I hope you enjoyed your tour.

Before I go, Hancock has asked a favour of me. He seems to have lost his head—if you find it, please return it to Warwick Homestead, as he would appreciate being able to see again. Thank you.