Featured academic work:

I Exist: Improving the Representation of Queer Perspectives in Videogames

This conference presentation was given at the Digital Games Research Association of Australia 'Tensions' conference in November, 2016.

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Featured games criticism:

Women in games - Sexuality, empowerment, and... vaginas

Why are we allowed to be titillated by women in games, but not actually talk about their own sexuality?

In games, the sexuality of women is typically used as a way of titillating an audience and is often depicted in a way that is for those who are sexually attracted to women rather than for a woman’s own pleasure or empowerment. Over-sexualised women often feature as side characters in triple-A games, the importance of their presence derived more from their jiggle physics than their ability to drive the action or plot.

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There's nothing like studying English literature at university to make it impossible to mindlessly enjoy a book, movie, television show, videogame, or just everyday life ever again. After spending years analysing texts, I can't resist analysing everything that I consume. In addition to academic papers and conferences, my non-fiction work is a collection of my observations about media and the world, as well as articles about the writing craft.

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My academic work, games criticism, reviews, writing craft articles, and miscellaneous non-fiction writing can be found all over the internet and in print.

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