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Women in games - Sexuality, empowerment, and... vaginas

Why are we allowed to be titillated by women in games, but not actually talk about their own sexuality?

In games, the sexuality of women is typically used as a way of titillating an audience and is often depicted in a way that is for those who are sexually attracted to women rather than for a woman’s own pleasure or empowerment. Over-sexualised women often feature as side characters in triple-A games, the importance of their presence derived more from their jiggle physics than their ability to drive the action or plot.

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Enthymema is a personal experience designed to be displayed as an art installation. The game encourages you to self-reflect and carry your thoughts and choices with you after the game experience ends. Self-reflection and decision making can help us maintain our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. On 16 August, 2016, Enthymema won the Jury Award and received an honourable mention for the Audience Award in the Serenity Forge Game Jam. You can share your experience on social media using #enthymema.


I have been playing videogames since I was a kid, and before that I was cheering my dad through quests in Might and Magic and campaigns in Age of Empires. Videogames have always been a part of my life, so it's no wonder I started writing for them and about them. Videogames have incredible storytelling potential, and I love to analyse these stories as well as try my hand at creating my own.

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My games criticism and reviews have been featured on such websites as PC & Tech Authority, Impulse Gamer, FemHype, PlayWrite, and Clever Game Pun.

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I have developed and maintain a database about the representation of sexuality, gender, and relationships in games, titled 'Queerly Represent Me'.

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